bookmark_border4 Expert Tips For Packing Toys When Moving

Whether you are moving for the first or nth time, it is an uphill struggle. There are a lot of tasks like packing stuff, setting utilities, and updating the address that can double your stress level.

And if you have kids, packing their entire mountain of toys and stuffed animals can be downright challenging. Toys come in different shapes and sizes, so it requires adequate planning to pack and move them safely for a long-distance house move.

You can approach the top movers and packers in Sydney who have years of experience in packing and moving oddly-shaped items like toys.

Some other tips to pack and move toys efficiently are:

1. Toss away broken or old toys

Obviously, your kids must have accumulated a pool of toys over the years.

However, packing broken or old toys just seems useless. Not only will this add extra pounds to your boxes but will also make lifting and loading tasks tougher for you.

Follow a few tips to get rid of toys no longer needed:

  • Donate old or outgrown toys that are in a good condition to local charitable organisations
  • Host a yard sale and earn some cash
  • Give away toys to the children in your neighbourhood
  • Throw away broken or torn ones

2. Get right packing material

Moving house with kids is not for the faint-hearted. Also, packing all of their playroom stuff is not as easy as it seems.

The best bet is to gather the right packing supplies to protect the treasured toys from any accidental damage during the moving chaos.

Some of the packing materials you cannot do without are:

  • Moving container
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Moving blankets
  • Packing tape
  • Permanent marker

Avoid the pain and stress of gathering packing tools and supplies by hiring the best removalists on the Gold Coast. These professionals have everything to make your moving process easy-peasy.

1. Disassemble the toys

Before you start packing, make sure to disassemble large toys such as a dollhouse, play tent, rocking horse, walker and other wooden toys.

This will prevent any breakage to the items during the house shifting process. Also, remove batteries, bolts and cables from all toys and keep them in a separate bag.

Consult top removalists in Perth to help you with all moving tasks, including disassembling automatic toys and games.

2. Follow packing tips

The last thing you may want to find is your kid’s favourite toy broken while loading a heap of boxes.

Very disappointing, right?

Packing toys the wrong way can result in broken or missing parts. This can really dishearten your child

To avoid such unfortunate events, follow a few packing tips:

  • Use crushed packing paper to offer an extra cushion to loose toys inside the box
  • Keep accessories and small toys in Ziploc bags
  • Pack larger toys like board games in sturdy moving containers
  • Wrap battery-operated and fragile toys in packing paper or bubble wrap
  • Fill in the space inside the boxes with the packing peanuts
  • Use large boxes to pack lightweight stuffed animals
  • Seal and label the boxes

Packing toys is a long and complex process. Get in touch with a licensed moving company that has expertise in packing and moving everything from big to small toys like a pro. Visit this website for moving assistance.

Bonus tips

  • Pack your kid’s beloved toys in the survival kit to entertain them throughout the move.
  • Carry the most important toys with you in your private vehicle.
  • Pack the kid’s room last and unpack it first.
  • Tape board games and puzzles to avoid having their contents spilled.

In the end….

Whether it’s a toddler or a school-going child, no matter the age, toys keep children happy and engaged.

So, make sure to follow all the above tips to keep the toys, stuffed animals, and other playroom items damage-free and intact.

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