Awards Show Commitment & Passion For Baking

You can smell the delicious freshness. You can see the golden toppings and glossy chocolate fillings, but for the passion and effort you don’t see from behind the counter, the wall of pride says it all.

Since opening in 2007, Denmark Bakery have won over 300 awards at state and national championship levels. Blue ribbons, certificates, cups and shields adorn the walls of the shop, attesting to the passion and pride that goes into all the pies, cakes and breads on display.

Best in Show

The spirit of exhibiting and the strive for excellence is a uniting force behind the entire Denmark Bakery team, from the bakehouse factory to the shop floor. But it goes further than that. It is part of the state, national and international community of professional bakers, who are working to keep a battling industry alive. The challenge is to produce, consistently high quality baked goods in a food and dining industry dominated by supermarkets and fast food outlets. The Baking Association of Australia supports that endeavour by giving industry recognition to true artisans and ambassadors of the trade.

The Baking Industry Employers Association of WA

"Anyone can be a baker, but not everyone can be the best. Competitions are a great way to stay in touch with industry trends, to muster team spirit, and drive to innovate and improve. The awards we have won are a great recognition of our efforts and our passion, but we don’t want the blue ribbons to do all the talking. We want customers to come along and judge for themselves."

Clete O’Brien – The Denmark Bakery

"Being a regional Bakery and exhibiting in city based competitions, the packaging and transportation is an important part of the challenge. Similarly good bakery service doesn't end when the pastries come out of the oven. Planning, process and delivery are all focused on the best possible experience for the customer."

Sharon O’Brien – The Denmark Bakery

"I have enjoyed a fair bit of success as a newcomer to the baking industry having won Champion Apprentice at the Perth Royal show two years running. Exhibiting keeps us focused. The prize winning pie and the best seller in the shop aren’t always one in the same, but the commitment to good, rigorous process. That’s the same.”"

Tristan – The Denmark Bakery

Denmark Bakery Winning Titles

  • Champion Loaf of Show
  • Most Successful Exhibitor in Competition
  • Winner Australia’s Best Pie Competition
  • Overall Winner Baking Industry Awards WA
  • Most Successful Exhibitor Pastry Cooking
  • Most Successful Apprentice Bread Exhibitor
  • Most Successful Bread Exhibitor

Take Home A Champion Pie

  • Traditional Pasty Section Winner 2013
  • Overall Meat Pie Section Winner 2013
  • Apple Pie – Overall Pie Winner, 2012
  • Best Vegetarian Pasty – Winner, 2012
  • Vinda-Roo – Overall Game Pie Winner, 2010 (& 2008)
  • Thai Chicken Overall Poultry Pie Winner, 2010
  • Seafood Chowder Overall Seafood Pie Winner, 2009

Calling the Great Australian Pie Connoisseur

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A copy of an article that appeared in the local paper - The Denmark Bulletin, with Clete holding up a trophy cup and a trophy platter.A copy of an article from the West Australian on the awards won by the bakery with a photo of a judge holding a loaf of bread and a bread knife smiling to the camera.A copy of an article from the West Australian on the awards won by the bakery with a photo of three judges holding pies and clipboards smiling.