Top Denmark Bakery Fig Tree Square, Strickland St. Denmark WA
Open 7 Days a Week, 7am – 5pm.

Prize winning pies locals take pride in and visitors travel for.

Drop in for ‘best in show’ pies, cakes and breads, or stop for a bite and a coffee, alfresco style, at Strickland Street’s Fig Tree Square.
Australia’s Award Winning Gourmet Pies.
Get along and judge for yourself.

What makes a Prize Winning Pie?

Denmark Bakery, O’Brien family partners, Clete, Sharon and son Tristan, happily share their secrets from 70 years industry experience, combined.

Clete, Sharron and Tristan behind the counter.
Striving to make a pie experience worth travelling for, we are proud to present an enticing range of award winning, gourmet pies for you to try.
Royal Show
Denmark bakery pies, cakes and breads are made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. We use only the best quality, flour, butter, cream, meat and vegetables. All products are made from additive-free flour. The bakehouse uses traditional baking style techniques, and finely tuned processes. This is the best assurance of consistency. You get the quality you expect, every time. Taking inspiration from travels around Australia, and the world, new concepts are always in the pipeline. Adapted to locality and customised to the Denmark Bakery sense of style and taste, you’ll always find something a bit unique.
Pies Oven
Fig Tree Square, Strickland St. Denmark WA Phone: (08) 9848 2143 Fax: (08) 9848 2290 Email:

What’s behind the counter?

Meet the baker and retailer who started Denmark Bakery in 2007, and the son who is keeping them on their toes.

Denmark Bakery partner/retail manager, Sharon O’Brien, has worked in the bakery industry for over 20 years. She keeps things running smoothly at the point of sale, and behind the scenes in the bakehouse office.
It’s in the bakehouse where all the pies, cakes and breads are made, traditionally and from scratch. Here, partner-bakers, Sharon’s husband Clete and their son Tristan, can be found.
Standing at the counter of the Denmark Bakery shop, the customer gets to enjoy the culmination of the O’Brien family enthusiasm for and experience in baking. The testimony to care and dedication is in the gleaming presentation of the products, each designed to look as good as it tastes. The menu offers all the great Australian classics, as well as a range of culinary adventures. The walls are covered in awards, cups, shields, certificates and blue ribbons, from state and national championships.
With a team of dedicated tradesmen and apprentices, Clete and Tristan might be proving sour dough, preparing vegetables, layering puff pastry, filling custard horns, or perhaps tasting the latest innovation in the gourmet pie range.

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